About CRM United kingdom

Charismatic Renewal Ministries UK is the United Kingdom arm of Charismatic Renewal Ministries Worldwide.  This is a ministry born out of prophecy for a major assignment in the end-time move of the church. It is a ministry that is focused on preparing people for a great harvest of souls and teaching them what it means to possess and exercise the authority of God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Our Strategies
We are a revival-driven group of Christians with a God-given mandate to prepare men for the great harvest in the Roman Catholic Church. With 5 branches across the UK in London (Neasden, Rotherhithe and Edmonton) Tilbury (Essex) and Manchester, we are very delighted to have you as a guest. Come and experience the Charismatic Power.
The Charismatic Renewal Ministries is dedicated primarily to Catholic Evangelization. It began as a response to a burden the Holy Spirit laid upon the hearts of some student members of the God is Love Community – a Roman Catholic prayer group at the University of Ife (now called Obafemi Awolowo University in NIgeria) to pray for a revival in the Roman Catholic Church.

This burden led to the formation of a prayer cell in November 1979, which met every Saturday to pray and fast for a new move of God in among Roman Catholics. In answer to our prayers, God gave us a Word of Prophecy by His Spirit on the 18th of February 1980 which defines our Vision and Emphasis, helping us to focus our energies and resources to the overriding objectives of evangelizing Roman Catholics and preparing them for effective employment in the LORD’s vineyard. While not affiliated to any Church or Organization, we are however open to cooperate with any true Christian body or persons who share our Doctrinal Bias, aspirations and vision God has actually favoured us in the work in the United Kingdom. We are part of a very big family extending across the globe (Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, The Gambia, South Africa, Malaysia, Tanzania, Uganda, Qatar, Canada, Liberia, United States of America, etc.)

This assignment that started as a prayer group of some few students in response to a burden to see a revival in the Roman Catholic Church in 1979 has grown to over 600 branches scattered over all the States in Nigeria and beyond including Institutions of higher learning and Mission Centres. A number of Departments have been put in place to ensure the total evangelization of Roman Catholics. Our war cry which expresses our hopes and aspirations for the Catholic Church is summarized in our Anthem.

Our mission in the UK is to carry on preparing souls for the promised harvest as contained in the Word of Prophecy that has been the guiding light for this ministry. We stress that every believer needs to discover the call of God on their lives, pursue and fulfil this. To this end we have Discipleship classes, School of Ministry and Teaching Camps to train, empower and commission those in this assignment.

Our vision is to see revival of souls come into the Roman Catholic Church and that is what we do all day long. We put our resources, time, energy and talents into this great assignment. We are a people determined to see the glory of God come back to the church. To this end we pray, fast and evangelize to bring this vision to a reality. Most of us were born, raised and practised as Catholics until we met Jesus as our personal saviour and we know he has sent us to encourage our fellow Catholics to believe in the Word of God again as the sole authority for doctrine and holy living. That any doctrine (no matter who propounded or approved it) must pass the test of scripture else it must be discarded.